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Rooms and Suites

Our 24 modern styled hotel rooms and 3 comfortable suites connect the historic tradition with the sophisticated elegance of the hotel.

The hotel rooms are finished in a warm color scheme and with wooden floor. All rooms are furnished with kingsize beds, modern flat screen TV's as well as spacious rain showers or generous bath tubs, inviting you to indulge your stay.

Also, we offer high speed WiFi Internet connection and free phone calls within Switzerland in your room.

All our rooms are equipped with a large dressing mirror, a practical luggage rack and an (N)espresso machine for the first coffee of the day.

Switzerland is the uncrowned world champion when it comes to the quality of our tap water. So enjoy this water as much as you like. Help reduce the use of plastic and make an important contribution to sustainability.

If you prefer carbonated water, this is available on request at reception - free of charge, of course.

Our room rates always include a nice continental breakfast.